AWS Classroom Notes – 23/Oct/2019

Why should I care about networking in AWS ?


  • Deploying a multi-tier application (Ecommerce application) with and without scaling Preview



  • Deploying an application which has some components on-premise (Hybrid) Preview

What needs to be understood in AWS Networking

  • VPC (Network)
  • Subnet (Sub-network)
  • Private Networks and Public IP addressing
  • Internet Gateways
  • Security:
    • Security Groups
    • Network ACLs
  • NAT:
    • NAT-instance
    • NAT-Gateway
  • Route-tables
  • Multi-Network Communications Over Private IPs
    • VPC Peering
    • VPNS
      • Point to Site
      • Site to Site
  • Endpoints

What should I use to create resources in Amazon

  • Is this creation repetitive?
    • Yes:
      • AWS CLI (Command Line Interface)
      • Templating (Cloud Formation)
    • No:
      • AWS Console

AWS CLI Installation

AWS CLI Configuration

  • AWS CLI needs credentials to connect to your AWS account.
  • But these credentials are not email id & Password, rather they are ACCESS KEY and SECRET KEY.
  • TO Generate ACCESS KEY and SECRET Key Click Here
  • Test AWS cli connectivity using aws ec2 describe-vpcs

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