Azure Classroom Series – 24/Oct/2019

Choosing between UI and CLI/PowerShell

  • Frequency:
    • Occasional: Portal (UI)
    • Repetitive:
      • Azure CLI
      • Azure PowerShell
      • Templating: ARM Templates

Creating VNet

  • Create a Resource Group
  • On a Broader note we have 3 inputs
    • Network Range (Network Details etc.)
    • Location (Region)
    • Resource Group Name

Creating VNet Using Portal

Creating VNet Using Azure CLI

  • Refer
  • Setup:
    • Execute From Portal (Cloud Shell)
    • Install Locally in your machine
  • Commands
az group create -n 'fromcli' --location 'centralus'

Basic CLI

  • Syntax
<command> [<subcommands>] [--<paramname-1> <value1> .. ] [<value1> <value2>]


kubectl apply -f test.yml
  • Azure CLI 2.0 Syntax
az <service> [sub services] <action> [arguments]

az group create --name "testing" --location "CentralUS"
az group delete --name "testing"

Basic PowerShell

  • Syntax
cmdlet [<subcommands>] [--<paramname-1> <value1> .. ] [<value1> <value2>]
  • PowerShell Syntax
<verb> is action
<noun> is resource


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