Azure Classroom notes – 01/Nov/2019

Azure Virtual Appliance

  • Third party devices generally load balancers, firewalls etc
  • Whenever you use Azure Virtual Application, you need create a User Defined Route
  • It is A VM with some networking software/application


  • Microsoft offers two SKUs
    • Basic: Enabled by default at zero cost
    • Standard: Choose this plan in VNET. This offers flexibility and analytics on what attacks are happening and you can also layout a plan. Charges are involved

Azure Firewall

  • Rules can be applied at VNET Level
  • Paid Service

Hybrid Networking

Basic VPN Setup



  • List of Devices supported for On-Premise Gateway are over here

Site to Site VPN


Multi Site (Site to Site VPN)


Azure virtual WAN

  • When number of sites are more, it is recommended to use Azure Virtual WAN Preview

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