AWS Classroom Series – 11/Mar/2020


  • Role is a permission given to AWS Service
  • Popular Use cases
    • Role assigned to EC2 instance to perform any batch kind of operations.
    • Role assigned to AWS Lambda to perform automations
    • Systems Manager.
  • Sample Use case:
    • Create a EC2 machine with Role roledemo1 assigned to create s3 buckets. Preview
    • Login into the machine and execute the following commands
    aws s3 ls # success
    aws s3 mb s3:// # success
    aws s3 ls # success
    aws ec2 describe-instances --region us-west-2# failure
    • Now try attach ec2 readonly policy to same role roledemo1 and execute
    aws ec2 describe-instances --region us-west-2 # sucess
    • Now change the role attached to ec2 machine to new role roledemo2 with an attached policy to aws rds full accessss
    aws ec2 describe-instances --region us-west-2 # failure
    aws rds describe-db-instance --region us-west-2 # success

Configure a AWS CLI

  • Create an IAM user with Programmatic Access.

  • When we create Programmatic ACCESS we get

    • AWS ACCESS Key
    • AWS Secret KEy
  • Now you can install aws cli and configure AWS CLI with ACCESS Key and secret.

  • Secret keys can be replaced any time (Replacing regularly is a better practice.)

  • Lets create two iam users with Programmatic ACCESS only

  • Install AWS CLI 2 on windows Refer Here

  • Installing AWS CLI 2 on Linux Refer Here

  • Configuring AWS CLI Refer Here

  • Multple users can be configured in the CLI using named profile Refer Here

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