DevOps Classroom Series – 11/Mar/2020

Playbooks in Ansible

  • Playbooks require you to describe the following important details
    • hosts: where (on which nodes) do you want to run the playbook
    • become: Do you need sudo permissions to execute the automation.
    • tasks: Descriptive way of automating stuff in ansible
hosts: all
become: yes
  - name: update packages and install git
      name: git
      update: yes
      state: present
  • Modules: Atomic unit of automation in ansible.
  • Refer Here for official documentation.
  • Ansible Module will have parameters
    • Some Paramaters are optional and remaining are mandatory
    • Optional Parameters might have default value.
    • In every modules documentation Preview


Example: Write an Ansible Playbook to install git, tree and nano on nodes

  • Manual Steps:
# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install git -y
sudo apt-get install tree -y
sudo apt-get install nano -y

# Redhat
sudo yum install git -y
sudo yum install tree -y
sudo yum install nano -y
  • Ensure the commands are working manually
  • Playbook:
- hosts: all
  become: yes
    - name: Install git
        name: git
        update_cache: yes
        state: present
    - name: Install tree
        name: tree
        state: present
    - name: Install nano
        name: nano
        state: present
  • Ansible has a command line for executing playbooks ansible-playbook
ansible-playbook --help
ansible-playbook -i <inventory path> <path to playbook>
  • When you run ansible-playbook
    • Playbook recap: with the status of execution on the node. Changed = ansible did some work
  • Ansible is trying to maintain state.
  • When ansible playbook is failed on a particular node, it will not continue execution by default.
  • Whenever executing ansible, ensure you set verbosity while developing playbooks
ansible-playbook -vvv <playbook>
ansible-playbook -vv <playbook>
ansible-playbook -v <playbook>
  • Exercise: Write an ansible playbook to install java8, java9 and java 11 on ubuntu machines.

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