Azure Classroomnotes 11/May/2023

Azure SQL for mySQL

  • This is fully managed mysql database.
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • Refer Here for creation steps
  • Azure mySQL has two types of deployment

    • Azure mysql Single Server
    • Azure mysql Flexible
  • Lets create a free tier eligible mysql deployment
  • Flexible server vs Single Server Refer Here

Azure SQL For Postgres

  • Azure SQL for Postgres also has single server and flexible server
  • Refer Here for comparisions between single and flexible server


  • Azure has cosmos db service for nosql databases. This helps in creating different kinds of nosql
  • Azure Cosmos allows creating all kinds of nosql databases
  • Features to lookout for
    • Scaling
    • Backups


  • Install nop on a linux vm and try to connect to
    • azure sql
    • azure sql for mysql
    • azure sql for postgres
  • If you are aware of ARM Templates/Terraform try realizaing above using them.

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