DevOps Classroomnotes 11/May/2023


  • Create a linux vm install apache/nginx.
  • Also create uptime dashboard in elastic stack
    • based on icmp (ping)
    • based on http

Basic Check List

  • Create a linux vm in any cloud and ssh into it
  • Create a ssh key from cloud and importing ssh into cloud from your system
  • Concept of Service/Daemon
  • Package management – apt
  • json and yaml files
  • concept of sudo
  • using vi or nano editor
  • Fixing:
    • Post on Slack

Novice Check List

  • knowing the problem. log files and read the logs to figure out errors
  • installation steps and configuration steps for any application
  • Concept of environmental variables and setting
    • User
    • System

Expert Check list

  • Understanding system architectures
  • System Design fundamentals

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