AWS Classroom Series – 19/Jul/2020

Connections between On-Premise and AWS

  • Connections between Onpremise and AWS can be made by using
    1. VPN: Preview
    2. Direct Connect: Preview

VPN Connections

  • AWS provides the following VPN connections
    • AWS Site-to-Site VPN
    • AWS Client VPN
    • AWS VPN CloudHub
    • Third Party software VPN appliance

AWS Site-to-Site VPN

  • Basic Components of Site-to-Site VPN

    • Virtual Private Gateway
    • Transit Gateway
    • Customer Gateway device
    • Customer gateway
  • Basic connection Preview

  • Concepts:

    • VPN Connection: A secure connection b/w on-premise devices and your vpc
    • VPN tunnel: A encrypted link where the data can pass from the customer network to AWS.
    • Customer gateway: An AWS resources which provides information about customer gateway device which is locatied on premise
  • Virtual Private Gateway:

    • It is VPN Connector on the AWS side of Site-to-Site VPN Connection.
    • You need create Virtual Private Gateway and attach it your vpc
  • Transit Gateway:

    • A Transit gateway is Regional virtual router for traffic flowing b/w vpc and VPN Conections. Preview
  • Customer Gateway device:

    • This is physical device or software application running on-premise in the site-to-site VPN Connection.
    • Needs to routable Ipaddress (static)
    • Customer gateway devices supported Refer Here
  • Authentication OPtions

    • Preshared keys
    • Private certificate from AWS

AWS VPN Cloud hub


AWS Direct Connect


Next Steps:

  • In networking we need to understand
    1. LoadBalancers
    2. DNS
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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