Azure Classroom Series – 01/Jun/2020



  • Solution: Infrastructure as Code Using ARM Templates (Terraform could be potential Alternative)


  • Lab:
    1. Create a Resource Group
    2. Create a virtual network Preview Preview Preview

Azure Resource Manager

  • Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service of the Azure. Preview
  • Refer Here for Azure Resource Manager
  • Refer Here for registered provider
  • Azure Resource Manager uses Deployment to deploy template.
  • Template is a Json file representing resources to be created

Mangement Groups

  • Simplify managing subscriptions Preview



Linking this to Story

  • Steve and his team should be able to create the templates for deploying/creating infrastructure

Creating Templates

  • Prerequisites:

    1. JSON
    2. Visual Studio Code: Install Extension and see the reference image and documentation over here Preview
  • Basic Structure of Template Refer Here

  • Required elements

    • $schema
    • contentVersion
    • resources
  • Minimal template looks as shown below

  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "",
   "resources": [  ]
  • To create resources follow as shown below
    • Navigate to here
    • Find your resource in the highlighted area in the image Preview
    • Now search for your resource Preview Preview
  • The resource structure will be shown Preview


  1. Do the following before next class
    • Azure Virtual Network Creation Refer
    • Azure Storage Account Creation Refer
    • Azure Virtual Machine Creation Refer

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