AWS Classroom Series – 01/Jun/2020

Server Migration Service

  • Can be used to Migrate VM’s from

    • VMWare
    • Hyper-V
    • Azure
  • AWS Migration Steps

    1. We have hypervisor with vms Preview
    2. We add connector to the Hypervisor which will be one more vm Preview
    3. Now ensure the connector has permissions required to AWS cloud and also to the hypervisor Preview
    4. Start Replication and migrate the applications to cloud
  • Note: Refer Here for requirements

HyperV to AWS Migration

  • Launch the Windows 2016 server create and download the connector from here

  • unzip the downloaded file

  • After downloading, install the connector by following document over here

  • Resize the machine size to D4s_V3

  • Ensure the vm’s on the hyperv are running

  • Import the Virtual Machine

    • Select the folder
    • Register the Virtual Machine
    • IN Network switch select Internal NAT
    • Finsih the import
  • Start the Virtual Machine

  • Configure the connector by following steps from here

  • after you have finished configuration succesfully a connector will be establishing a connection b/w aws and hyperv

  • Now set upd a Replication Job Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

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