GCP Classroom Series – 08/Feb/2021

Assumptions for this training

  • This course will be from basics to professional
  • Roles that you can apply post this training
    • Google Cloud Engineer
    • Google Cloud Architect
    • Google Cloud Admin / Operations
    • Google Developer
  • Pre-requisites:

What is Cloud?

  • There is no cloud, it’s just some one else’s computer Preview
  • Important Terms in Cloud
    • Cloud Services Provider (CSP):
      • CSP is the owner of physical hardware on which we create virtual infrastructure (compute, storage, memory, network)
      • Examples: AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud
    • Cloud Services Consumer (CSC):
      • This is typically an organization which uses services offered by CSP
    • Service:
      • CSP will provide different options to create virtual infrastructure for meeting your application needs, these are referred as Services
    • Resource:
      • Using Services offered by CSP, we create virtual infra for applications which is referred as Resources
  • Any Cloud should have the following characteristics
    • On-demand Self-service
    • Broad Network Access
    • Rapid elasticity
    • Measured Service
    • Resource Pooling
  • Cloud is categorized into following deployment models
    • Private Cloud: Used by specific organizations, but can be managed by third parties Preview
    • Public Cloud Preview
    • Hybrid Cloud: Composed of public cloud or private cloud or on-premises infrastructure
    • Community Cloud: Used by specific communities Eg: Gov Cloud, Health Care Cloud

Google Global Infrastructure

  • GCP has a global footprint. Preview
  • A region in GCP is an independent geographic location.
  • A zone is a deployment area for GCP resource. Zone corresponds to multiple datacenters in multiple buildings located in the same site Preview
  • A Global Network: Google cloud has a high speed fibre network which connects every region and edge location
  • This network will help in communication from one region to other region which happens over the global network of google cloud Preview
  • Network Edge Location:
    • Connections to GCP Services located in particular metropolitan area Preview
    • Content Delivery Networks Preview

Course Details

Every weekday (Apart from monday)
7-8:30 PM IST

Every weekend:
5-6 PM IST


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