DevOps Classroom Series – Chef Architecture – 20/Nov/2019

Chef Architecture and Components


  • Chef Server:

    • This is Ruby on Rails Application.
    • In this we have many components
      • Bookshelf
      • Message Queue
      • Postgres
    • We can also multiple Chef Servers for High Availability.
    • It stores
      • Reports on every execution
      • Collects the details about nodes
    • Server has to be Linux machine (RedHat, Ubuntu, SUSE etc…)
  • Chef Client:

    • Agent running on Nodes.
    • Agent Executes Chef Cookbooks/recipes
    • Agent can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Chef Workstation:

    • Development tools installed on the Chef-Developers workstation

Chef Terminology

  • Cookbook:
    • Recipes organized in specific order
    • Cookbooks are organized in directory
  • Recipe:
    • Resources organized in specific orders
    • Each recipe is a file.
  • Resource:
    • Smallest unit to specify declarative syntax Preview Sample Cookbook structure

Lab Setup

  1. Chef Server:
    • Initially we will be using hosted chef Server. Refer Here
    • Create an account and then an organization.
  2. Workstation:
    • Chocolatey:
    • Git Bash
      • Only on Windows
      • Launch Powershell and execute choco install git -y
      • If choco is not configured install git directly from here
    • Chef DK
      • Can be installed from here
      • If you prefer choco choco install chefdk -y
    • Visual Studio Code:
      • Download from here
      • If you prefer choco choco install vscode -y
  3. Node:
    • Create a Linux Machine(Ubuntu) in any Cloud(AWS).

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