Azure Classroomnotes 12/Nov/2022

Fixing the issue with context

  • Storage account object has property called context try using that.
  • Refer Here for the changes done to fix the upload blob
  • Generally we upload some files from some system into Azure Storage account
  • Refer Here for the official docs on how to upload blobs to Azure Storage account
  • AzCopy is one of the tool used to copy content to Azure.
  • Using Chocolatey install azcopy => choco install azcopy10 -y
  • azcopy has multiple usecases Refer Here for official docs
  • For transfer data examples Refer Here
  • Use azcopy to copy any stuff to azure storage accounts az copy <source-dir> <destination-endpoint>
  • Refer Here for the changes to upload the directories
  • Note: azcopy upload is failing with authorization issue

Azure Cli

# use this for login
az login
  • To find the right command Refer Here.
  • Navigate to azure cli => reference
  • The commands will be in the following structure
az <command> [<subcommand>] <action> --arg1 value ... --argn valuen
  • To create a resource group
az group create
  • Ensure azure cli extension is installed on visual studio code
  • We have created a storage account
az group create --location 'eastus' --name 'storage2'

az storage account create --name 'qtstornov12cli' --resource-group 'storage2' --access-tier 'Hot'
  • Exercise: Create your set of powershell comands and cli commands to
  • create a resource group
  • create a storage account
  • create two containers
  • upload one item in each container
  • delete the resource group

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