AWS Classroom Series – 10/Jun/2021

Scaling on AWS RDS

  • AWS supports multiple instance types for RDS instances Refer Here

  • Changing the instance Type:

    • This is simplest way to scale up or down by changing instance type Preview
    • When we change the instance type the database will be down for certain period.
  • Read Replica:

    • A Read replica is read-only copy of your master database that is kept in sync
    • We can have upto 15 read replicas in RDS
    • Read replica helps in offloading the read-only queries to it.
    • If we have users from different locations, we can create read-replicas in a different region and server read-only traffic via read-replica
    • The read-replica can be promoted to master database when the master is down
  • Lets create a Database with 7 days of backup enabled.

  • Now lets create a read replica Preview Preview

Multi-AZ RDS instance

  • Create a MySQL RDS instance with Multi-AZ Preview


  • Write an AWS CLI to
    • create a Single-AZ RDS mysql instance.
    • create a multi-az rds instance
    • Create a read replica

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