Azure Classroomnotes 15/Jul/2023

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set

  • Orchestration Modes:

    • Uniform
    • Flexible
  • Predictive Scaling

Auto update vm images in VMSS

  • Using phpinfo image definition create a vmss with 2 instances to start with
  • verify if the application is accesible or not
  • Now create a new version of the phpinfo, Add the following steps to php info image based vm and capture the image
sudo -i
echo "Version 2"  > /var/www/html/index.html
  • Steps:

    • Create a vmss with php info with 2 instances to start with
    • Create a vm from php info image and add above mentioned steps capture the vm image as a new version to existing definiton
  • Uniform Orchestartion:

    • upgrade policy:
      • manual => update images manually
      • automatic => updated automatically in random order
      • Rolling update => Updated automatically in batches
  • Flexible Orchestration:
    • in this mode to upgrade images, this is manual in nature

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