AWS Classroomnotes 29/Sep/2023

AWS Migrations

Story: LT Info

  • LT Info is a largest courier system in india
  • Infra
  • Dependencies
    • Networking
    • Datacenter infra
    • Virtualizations
    • Storage
    • Databases
    • OS Updates/patching
    • application updates
  • Goal is to use cloud and perform majorly application updates and automate the rest
  • Possible Solutions:
    • Move Datacenter servers: No cloud provider will take physical infra
    • Move whatever is running in physical servers to cloud
  • Categorize:
    • Virtual Machines/Applications in physical server
    • Databases
    • Storage
  • Roles:

    • Architect: Creates a migration plan
    • Administrators: Perform the migration
  • Migration modes:

    • One time migration
    • Ongoing migration
  • Migration order: From least dependent to most dependent systems
  • Migration types:

    • P2V (Physical to Virtual)
    • V2V (Virtual to Virtual)
  • Offline transfer options are present to transfer large volumes of data


  • We will learn about monitoring, logging etc..

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