Grooming Classroomnotes 31/Mar/2023

Command line way of working

  • Refer the cheatsheets
  • understand basic commandline
<command/executable> <arguments>
    command => ping => argument

ping -n 10
    command => ping
    arguments => -n 10
  • Any application has two types of arguments
    • positional arguments
    • keyword arguments

position arguments

  • Example
cp <src> <dest>

* In the above case passing arguments was necessary & along with that maintaining position was also criticial
* Generally position arguments are passed directly

Keyword arguments

  • Example:
ping -n 1
  • Here -n stands for number of echo requests and 1 represents value
-n => name of the argument
1 => value of the argument
  • Generally in most of linux commands. Named arguments will be in the following form

cp --recursive
cp -r
  • To learn any command
    • linux comes with inbuild manual man cp or cp --help
    • Windows Powershell commands Get-Help <command> Get-Help <command> -Online

Install some softwares

  • Windows:
    • 10: Terminal
  • Git:
    • Install manually in windows
    • Mac: brew install git
  • Visual Studio Code:
    • Windows: choco install vscode -y
    • Mac: brew install --cask visual-studio-code

Exercise: Watch the video to install softwares on your laptop

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