AWS Classroom Series – 20/Feb/2021

AWS Service Catalog

  • Consider a scenario where your organization is working on two products
    • product a
    • product b
  • Now as an admin, you want to give specific permissions to users to create resources required for their product.
  • So, In AWS We can acheive this using Service Catalog
  • Service Catalog enables organizations to create & Manage IT services that are approved for AWS.
  • Here we have two users
    • Administrators: These user maintain organizational policies and IT Infra
      • Create/Authoring a template
      • Gives necessary permissions to the users
    • End users: These are the users working on products
      • Use the granted templates to create resources required for product
  • Lets create a sample service catalog Preview
  • Now create an catalog adminsitrator Refer Here
  • Now lets create an endusers group Refer Here
  • Now Download the template as Refer Here or use any of your templates
  • And Create the Portfolio and product as mentioned in the docs

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