Kubernetes Classroom Series – 08/Jul/2021

Singleton Service

  • Overview: Singleton Pattern ensures only one instance of an application is active at a time and is highly available
  • Problem:
    • In some cases only one instance of the service is allowed to run
  • Solution:
    • Out of Application Locking:
      • Stateful set or replicat set with replicas = 1
    • In-Application Locking
      • In a distribute environment one way to control the service instance count is through a distributed lock
      • We can implement leader election using kubernetes api’s. For example apache camel has a K8s connector that also provides leader election and Singleton capabilities
      • This connector access the etcd api directly and k8s api to use Config Maps to acquire a distributed lock Refer Here
      • Refer Here for sample leader election in k8s.

DNS For Services and Pods

  • Refer Here for the manifests used Preview
  • Lets create the test pod Preview
  • Make a note of service names and ip addresses of pods Preview
  • Now login into test pod
kubectl exec -it test -- /bin/sh
  • Look into resolve.conf Preview

  • What objects in k8s gets DNS records

    • Services
    • Pods
  • Refer Here for the K8s DNS Based Service Discovery

  • DNS A record Refer Here

  • DNS CNAME Refer Here

  • DNS SRV Refer Here

  • K8s Services:

    • A/AAAA records
      • Normal Services are assigned a DNS A record depending on the IP family of the service for the name in the form of my-svc.my-namespace.svc.cluster-domain.example
    • SRV records:
      • SRV records are created for each named ports that are part of normal or Headless Services. For each name port the SRV record would have the form _my-port-name._my-port-protocol.my-svc.my-namespace.svc.cluster.local
  • K8S Pods

    • A/AAAA records:
      • Pod has the following dns resolution
  • In kubernetes in addition to DNS records k8s create environmental variables with service information Preview

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