Azure Classroom Series – 23/Jun/2021

Virtual Machines

  • Monitoring Configuration for a Virtual Machine:
    • Performance Metrics – CPU, Memory and Disk Usage
    • Guest OS Diagnostic data
    • Lab Setup:
      • Create a Windows VM and Linux VM
    • CPU Monitoring is available through the basic metrics of VM without any additional configuration Preview Preview
    • To get the memory usage details, VM Settings => Monitoring => Insights Preview Preview
    • Once the insights are enabled we can monitor Memory usage & related metrics Preview Preview
    • We can also collect the memory usage metrics by enabling the guest OS diagnostics.
    • Metrics published by resource type Refer Here

Network Security Group

  • For monitoring NSG flow, Azure Network Watcher should be enabled for the region.
  • Search for Network Watcher from all services in the Azure portal Preview
  • From Network Watcher => Logs => NSG flow logs, Preview Preview Preview
  • Now navigate to Network Watcher => Logs => Traffic Analytics

Network Connection

  • The connection watcher service of network watcher enables connectivity monitoring from virtual machine to another VM, FQDN, URI, or IPAddress Preview Preview

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