DevOps Classroom Series – 27/Oct/2020

Transportation Industry

  • Transport goods was difficult bcoz of loading & unloading of goods for various modes of transport Preview
  • Transport industry has standardized and then came the containers Preview
  • With this standard only shipper fills the container and for the rest of transport the container is black box. Preview
  • Shipping goods is portable.

Software Industry

  • Scenario: I need to deploy an application.
  • Physical Machine
  • Virtual Machine
  • Container Preview


  • I want to run tomcat
    • Virtual Machine Approach:
      • Create a vm (aws, azure, vmware, hyperv)
      • login into vm and install tomcat
      • If i want to run the same tomcat on different vm, reusability is slightly difficult
    • As discussed its all about running some commands

Next Steps

  • What is Container?
  • Why is it Important?
  • Installing Docker and running sample containers & Understanding terms like
    • Image
    • Container
    • Port Forwards

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