Azure Classroom Series – 27/Oct/2020

Virtual Behavior of Public Cloud Platforms

  • In any cloud platform (AWS/Azure/GoogleCloud), the physical layer is owned by Cloud Services Provider (Amazon/Microsoft/Google), Users will have ownership on Virtual Infrastructure (Virtual Machines, Virtual Storage, Virtual Network) Preview
  • Terminology:
    • Service:
      • Any thing which Cloud offers
      • Eg: Azure offers
        • Azure VM for virtual machines
        • Azure SQL for Databases
        • Azure Vnet for Virtual Networks
        • AKS for K8s
    • Resource:
      • Anything you create by using Cloud Services is called as resource
      • Eg:
        • Dev VM created using Azure VM
        • Prod SQL Server created using Azure SQL
    • Cloud Services Provider:
      • Organization which offers cloud Services
    • Cloud Services Consumer
      • Organization/Individual who uses Cloud Services Offered

Applications on Cloud

  • Lets assume you are running your food delivery app on Azure Preview
  • But Swiggy internally will need servers to work.
  • As we have understood from above statements, we create virtual servers and will have virtual network.
  • So how to enable communication b/w servers that run swiggy (intranet) operations
  • So how will users from internet access your application (internet)
  • To understand network communications in Azure we need to understand Azure Virtual Networks.

Prerequisites for Azure Virtual Networks

  • Basic Networking
    • Networks & Subnets
    • Public & Private Networks
    • Subnetting using CIDR
    • ACLs
  • Novice Skills:
    • Load Balancing
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Azure free trail account Refer Here
  • Whats free? Preview

Azure Interfaces

  • User can interact with Azure
    • Using Web Platform => Portal Refer Here
    • Using Terminal
      • Azure CLI
      • Azure Powershell
    • Using SDK
      • Python SDK
      • .net SDK
      • java SDK
  • Whats to be understood in azure virtual networking Preview Preview


  1. Understand how an internet connection at your home is working?
  2. Try decimal to binary conversions Refer Here

Next Steps

  1. What is Networking?
  2. What are virtual networks?
  3. What is ip address?
  4. What is subnet ?
  5. What is subnet mask?
  6. Understanding router, default gateways & Switches
  7. Creating a virtual network on paper with restrictions?

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