Azure Classroomnotes 03/Jun/2022

Databases in Azure

  • Types of Databases
    • Relational Databases:
      • Database Engines Supported by Azure
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • Postgres
        • MySQL
    • NoSQL Databases
      • Database Engines:
        • Cosmos DB
          • Mongo API
          • Cassandra API
          • Gremlin API
    • Cache Databases
      • Engine:
        • Redis

Azure SQL

  • Azure SQL is a fully managed SQL Server Database in the Azure Cloud
  • There are three offerings
    • Azure SQL Database: supports modern cloud applications includes serverless
    • Azure SQL Managed Instance:
    • SQL Server on Azure VMs

Azure SQL Database

  • This a fully managed Database as a service hosted in Azure
  • Two options:
    • Single Database
    • Elastic pool
  • Create a single database as shown in the class (follow video) and navigate to database and server
  • Backups
  • Failovers

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