AWS Classroom Series – 03/Jan/2020 Elastic Beanstalk

Web Application Consideration

  • Web Application Request Workflow Preview

  • When user requests increase, the need for cpu and memory increases. Possible solutions are

    • Vertical Scaling: Increasing H/W capacity of the server
    • Horizontal Scaling: Increasing Servers
  • Since we are hosting web applications on Elastic BeanStalk, As the requests increase we should be able to scale and set the load balancer.

  • Configure Route53 to point your domain name to Load balancer/Elastic Beanstalk

  • Also SSL/TLS Certificates are to be configured. Preview

Making Web App Ready for Scaling.

  • Persistent Data: Always store/retrieve any information from Databases/Other Storages.
  • Sessions: When any information is processed based out of client, Ensure Stick Sessions are enabled on Load balancer. Try to store even session information in other storage/db
  • Use Cache Servers for Quick informations.

Tools For Development

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