Azure Classroom Series – 03/Jan/2020

Impact of User Request on Web-Server


  • If user requests on the webserver increase cpu utilzation increases.
  • Possible Solutions are
    • Vertical Scaling: Increase CPU & RAM of the Server
    • Horizontal Scaling: Increase Web Servers.


  • As the Users to web server increase best solution on cloud is automatic horizontal scaling (increase & decrease). When number of Servers increase we might need a Load balancer.
  • For hostname to loadbalancer/server mapping DNS Entries
  • For Secure Communications we need a SSL/TLS Certificate

Azure App Service Plan Features

  • Scaling:
    • Type of Scaling: Manual or automatic
    • Max limit
  • Custom Domain Support
  • SSL/TLS Certificate Support
  • Staging Slots: Different Environments for the same application
  • Daily Backups: How many Daily backups are taken
  • Traffic Manager
  • Refer for more info on pricing

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