Azure Classroomnotes 22/Aug/2023

SLA’s (Service Level Agreements)

  • Microsoft Azure Gives gurantees to all services in terms of availability
  • In Case of storage we have SLA’s around durability as well.

Redundancy in Azure Storage Account

  • LRS ( Locally Redundant Storage)
    • Any data uploaded will make three synchronous copies in 3 different physical servers
  • ZRS (Zone Redundant storage)
    • Any data uploded will make three syncronous copies into 3 different zones
  • RA-GRS (Read only – Geo-Redundant Storage)
    • Create 3 synchoronous in same region as LRS and 3 asynchronous copies in secondary region
  • RA – GZRS
  • Durability and Availability options Refer Here

Storage Account Creation Options w.r.t Redundancy

  • Region with Zones
  • Regions without Zones

Access Tier in Storage Account

  • Refer Here for official docs
  • Hot: This is default access tier and is used for frequently accessed data.
    • Storage cost is highest
    • Access Cost is cheapest
  • Cool: This is access tier which is used for infrequently accessed data.
    • Storage cost is moderate
    • Access cost is more
  • Cold Tier: This is access tier which is used for infrequently accessed data. This data has to be atleast 90 days old
    • Storage cost is less than cool
    • Access cost is more
  • Archive Tier:

    • Storage cost is cheapest
    • No access.
    • If you want to access convert the access tier of the file to hot or cool.
    • Rehydrating the Access tier Refer Here
  • Refer Here for pricing calculator


  • Create a pricing estimate for storage account
    • size: 100 TB
    • location: east us
  • Hot,cool,archive (only storage costs)
  • Operations (Hot and cool):
    • 1000000 write operations
    • 1000000 read operations
  • Rehyration cost for archive tier

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