AWS Classroomnotes 22/Nov/2022


  • AWS has launched FsX file systems for Network file shares for Windows (SMB) and other third party file shares like NetApp, Open Zfs, Lustre
  • To Create FsX for windows, We need Active Directory (AWS Active Directory, On-Prem AD). The access for Windows File Shares can be managed in the AD
  • Fsx Supports NetApp.

Blob Storage

  • Blob i.e. Binary large object i.e any file.
  • AWS supports Blob Storage with the help of Service which is S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • S3 when we upload files, they are accessible over https urls.
  • Consider Blob storage servcie i.e. S3 as unlimited Storage.
  • Each file cannot be greater than 5 TiB.
  • The Storage is organized as buckets.

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