Azure Classroomnotes 23/Nov/2022

Azure Queue Storage

  • Reliable Communication (Guaranteed delivery) and unreliable Communication (Request might time out)
  • To acheive Reliable Communication, Create a Queue Storage and start publishing and consuming messages to and from the queue
  • Refer Here for sdk usage for .net

Azure Table Storage

  • Table Storage is used to store nosql like data
  • Refer Here for the sample to perform CRUD operations on Table Storage using C#


  • Create a Windows Virtual Machine.
  • Login into Windows and see what are drives that are available
  • Disks can be created from the same physical server where the vm has been allocated from (Temporary disks). Disks can be created from different physical server => Data Disks.
  • Data Disks with OS in it are called as OS Disks
  • When we create a vm in Azure we get one OS disk and one temp disk

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