DevOps Classroom Series – 22/Dec/2019 – Maven With Jenkins

Testing Types

  • Unit Testing:
    • Testing smaller unit of developments
    • Test Harness tools:
      • JUNIT
      • MSTest
      • pytest
  • Automated System Testing:
    • web Based Applications:
      • Selenium
      • Karate
      • QTP
    • API Based Applications
      • Soap UI
      • Postman
    • Mobile Apps:
      • Appium
    • Performance Testing
      • JMeter
      • Load Runner

What is Measured From Tests

  • Pass Rate
  • Coverage

Integrating Maven tests with Jenkins

  • To configure publishing of junit test results to jenkins
  • ensure your maven goal has test execution
  • Navigate to post-build Actions and Select as shown below Preview
  • Select xml files in surefire-reports folder in target Preview

Archiving the Artifcat (Displaying the package built)

  • In post build actions, select the section ‘archive the artifact’ and give the artifacts location (for eg: target/*.jar)

Post Build Actions:

  • Activities that are performed after build is completed
  • Most commonly post builds are
    • Show Test Results
    • Show the Package
    • Call other Jenkins Project to start building
    • Send Emails to the team

Jenkins Plugins

  • Plugin is extra functionality into Jenkins
  • Plugins can be installed into Jenkins. This installation can be from
    • Online
      • Plugins get downloaded from internet
    • Offline
      • Upload plugin to Jenkins
      • Plugin has two popular formats (hpi, jpi)

Day Builds


  • Day builds basic intention is
    • to give feedback of code quality of the commit(s) done by one (or more) developers for shorter period of time during the day.
    • Have to finish quickly

Night Builds

  • Night Builds basic intention is
    • to give feedback of the product quality for the collective work done by developers during past day
    • Execute extensive tests (unit, System, Performance)
    • Time is no bar
    • Night Builds are used by system testers to execute the Functional test
    • Night Builds qualify for release Preview

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