DevOps Classroom Series – 22/Dec/2019 – Jenkins Distributed Build

Jenkins Build Triggers

  • Will help in triggering the Jenkins Build based on
    • Schedule:
      • Periodic: eg. Every 1 hour, Every 2 hours etc
      • On Schedule: eg Every weekday at 3 AM
    • Git Commits: Any new commits to Git Repo. Two ways of doing this
      • POll SCM: Jenkins will poll Git
      • Git/Web Hooks: Git will inform Jenkins whenever new commits happen
    • After Other Jobs are Built Preview

Build Periodically

  • Here you configure the schedules by using syntax whichi is much like cron jobs.
H/15 * * * *
0 4,15 * * *

Poll SCM

  • Triggers a build whenever changes appear in git.
  • Using Jenkins, user should describe how frequently poll should happen. For this we use the same syntax mentioned above

Build Environment

  • Some of the Prebuild Actions such as cleaning workspace
  • Build Settings such when build is taking more time , abort/fail etc can be configured
  • Additions to console logs

Jenkins Logical Architecture



  • Any build from Jenkins will be sent to Queue.
  • It stays in the Queue till it finds free executor


  • Is Execution unit of Jenkins (This is where build happens)
  • Number of Executors signify number of parallel builds that can happen
  • By Default, A project if it is under execution , will not be executed by other executors (Clicking Build now twice on same project will not lead to two executors)

Jenkins Distributed Builds


  • Two kinds of Server Components are present in Jenkins
    • Master:
      • Jenkins Service will be running
      • Jenkins Home directory will be present
      • Communicates with Jenkins Agents using SSH/TCP (jnlp)
    • Node
      • Jenkins Agent will be running
      • Only the builds workspaces scheduled will be available
      • Every Agent should have some labels.

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