AWS Classroom Series – 23/Dec/2019

Other Capabilities of Systems Manger

  • Patch Manger:
    • We create Patch Baselines
    • Schedules for applying patches are created
    • Works for both Linux and windows
    • Patching can be completely done from cli.
    • Refer Here
  • Session Manager:
    • Manages connectivity to Ec2 instances with out impacting security group rules.
  • State Manager:
    • Deploy the configurations/applications using the state manager playbooks (yaml).

Backup Service

  • AWS Backup is a managed Service to perform Backups.
  • Backup can be created for storages such as:
    • EBS
    • EFS
    • RDS
    • Dynamo DB
    • Storage Gateway
  • Workflow
    • Create a Backup Vault
    • Create a Backup Plan. Mention number of days the back up has to be retained, transfer to cold storage and time to create backup

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