Azure Classroomnotes 28/Jun/2023

Azure Networking contd

Connecting Two Private networks in Azure

  • To Connect two private networks in azure using private ips we have two options
    • Vnet Peering
    • Vnet to Vnet Connection
  • condition: vnet address spaces should not collide
  • Azure vnets have a default router in it Refer Here
  • Create a vnet (app-net) in east us and one vnet (data-net) in west us.
  • In each vnet try creating a vm
    • vm in east us will have public ip
    • vm in west us will not have public ip
  • Now when we try communicating from app to data it will not work as their is no network infra
  • Azure Vnet Peering can create this infra between two networks and also configure routing Refer Here
  • Now private connectivity should be enabled by ip’s

Figure out answers for the below

  • In Azure when we create a subnet it reserves 5 ipaddress we know 2 one is network id and other is broadcast address why other 3
  • Try to create a vnet with address and assume that you have run out of ip addresses now you want to expand network size is it possible? if yes how?
  • What is hub-spoke

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