AWS Classroomnotes 21/Jun/2023

Networking Concepts

  • DNS (Domain Name Server):
    • DNS provides services which includes names to ip addresses (Domain names)
    • DNS Servers can be
      • public
      • internal
    • DNS Servers will have different record types
      • A Record: name to ip mapping
      • CName Record: alias to name
      • other record types Refer Here
    • DNS can be setup on client system
      • windows: open c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and entries
      • other: open /etc/hosts and entries
    • DNS Servers can help
    • DNS Servers will have DNS zones
    • DNS servers work on port 53

Communication between two networks privately

  • while communicating between two networks privately their ip ranges should not collide.
Case: non-colliding
network A: => to
network B: => to

Case: colliding
network A: => to
network B: => to

Within same campus/site/datacenter

  • Since the underlying network exists, we need to configure routing rules

Across Cities

Option 1: Leased lines


Option 2: VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

* Note: Point to site (Work from home connection)

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