DevOps Classroomnotes 21/Jun/2023

Git (Contd)

Branches in Git

  • Git allows us to work parallely for different use cases
    • multiple versions of same application
    • multiple customers for same application
  • HEAD is a pointer which generally points to a branch
  • HEAD can be moved from one branch to other using a command called as checkout
    • We executed git checkout v1.0
  • to work with branches lets use nopcommerce Refer Here
  • Moving from one branch to other
  • Things to digest
    • default branch: master
    • default remote: origin
    • remote branch: name of remote/name of branch

Building and Packaging the code

  • Building the code and packaging the code to the suitable format for end deployment is very technology specific i.e. it is different depending on programming languages.
  • Programming Languages can be categorized into 3 formats
    • Compiler based
    • Interpreter based
    • Hybrid

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