Completek8s Classroomnotes 21/Jun/2023

Application and its execution

  • Applications are invoked as OS Processes. Each Process will get unique PID, CPU shares, RAM etc…
  • Process is an execution boundary i.e. a process cannot directly call the code executing in other process. To enable communications we use. These can be used even if the processes are executing in two different machines using standard networking protocols

    • API’s (http)
    • GRPC
  • An application to run has

    • some dependencies on OS
      • access to
        • CPU
        • RAM
        • DISK
    • networking
    • platforms (some examples)
      • apache server
      • tomcat server
      • mysql
  • To run these applications, lets see the evolution

Generation – 1 Physical Servers


Generation – 2 Hypervisor


Generation -3 Containers


Container Timeline


Docker first demo

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