AWS Classroomnotes 09/Jun/2022

Simple Storage Service

  • Storage in S3 is organized into buckets.
  • Each Bucket can be thought of unlimited storage.
  • Bucket can store any files. The only restriction is individual file size cannot be greater than 5 TB
  • The file which we store in bucket can be accessed over https url.
  • When we create a bucket the url of the bucket will be
  • Two bucket names cannot be same across all aws accounts
  • Lets create an s3 bucket
  • Lets access one uploaded document
  • So far, we understood that using S3 we can upload any file types as long as their size is less than 5 TB and access it over https(internet)
  • We can consier the storage space as unlimited
  • In S3 we have to consider two important terms
    • Availability: When you access the url the file should be accessed
    • Durability: This represents that the file uploaded is not corrupted or lost
  • The Other aspect to consider is cost. On a General note we would have two kinds of costs
    • Storage Cost: Cost per GB (per month)
    • Access Cost: Cost for accessing the data
  • Depending on frequency of access the costs should be tunable,
  • For these situations AWS has different Storage Classes.

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