Azure Classroom Series – 24/Jun/2020

Connecting Azure App Services to Databases

  • Connecting Applications to Databases (Azure SQL, Azure MySql, Azure Postgres, Cosmos DB) is simplified using Azure App Services
  • .net Core and .net framework
  • Node js

Map Custom Domains

  • Azure DNS: Preview
  • DNS has two records CName and ARecord along with many other record types
  • Create Azure App Service and after success naviagate to DNS zone and Add a CNAME record domain => azureappdnsname eg =>

Scaling Azure App Services

  • Scale up: Scale up is changing Azure App Service Plans
  • Scale out: Increasing instances on which Azure App Service runs

Scenario: Application

  • Customer: I have an application which should be running on the cloud. The application is very specific and not used all the time (approximately used 4 hours (average) in a day). I want to know the hosting options in azure
  • Customer problem statement: I want to be billed/charged only when my application is used by customers

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