AWS Classroom series – 11/May/2020

CloudWatch Dashboards

  • You should be Create Dashboard of different Graphs/metrics for the resources that you are monitoring Preview Preview Preview

CloudWatch Logs

  • A Centralized logs that can be stored from various services, monitored and queried Preview

  • Terms:

    • Log Event: Record of the log from some application/resource which is being monitored. Two Properties are to be present
      1. timestamp
      2. Messages with UTF-8 Encoding
    • Log Stream: Sequence of log events from same source
    • Log Groups:
      • Groups of log streams for one purpose (Could be one application or one business unit)
  • Logs can be pushed from applications using Cloudwatch Logs api Refer here

  • Cloudwatch logs are used by the service Cloud Trail (Audit Trail)

  • Create a Cloudwatch log group

  • Create a VPC Flow log and send the logs to cloudwatch log group Preview

  • If you are aware of Queries Refer Here to build Cloud watch query.

  • Logs and Metrics can be pushed to cloud watch using cloudwatch agents Refer Here

  • Download the cloudwatch agent Refer HEre

  • Configure and Install

  • If your organization is Using Grafana, AWS Cloudwatch can be used as data source Refer Here


  • Create Alarms to send notifications via email to
    • Report More DB Connects
    • Report Less Storage Space
    • Report Write Latency

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