Azure Classroom Series – 11/May/2020

Azure BCDR Contd..

  • Replications to be performed Preview
  • In the last class we had replicated one vm leading to new resource group <resourcegroup>-asr Preview
  • Navigate to Site-Recover-Vault-RG and navigate to site recovery vault Preview Preview
  • Individual VM Disaster Recovery Preview
  • Backups are taken in the same region and Replications in different Region

Scenario: Setup Backup For Windows and Linux VM

  • Navigate to Operations => Backup Blade of the VM and enable backup by creating a new vault Preview

Exercise: Scenario Setup Replication For Linux VM


Perform Test Failover and a Failover of any replicate VM

  • Navigate to the Resource Group Created as part of replication Preview

  • Now navigate to the vm and perform test failover Preview Preview Preview

  • Once the Test failover is completed navigate to target resource group Preview

  • Navigate to vm and clean up Test failover Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Steps are

    • Create a Replication => A site Recovery Vault Gets Created
    • Once the Replication is Setup Perform Test Failover and Test Failover cleanup for confidence
    • In the cases of disaster, Perform Failover

Disaster Recovery from VMWare to Azure

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