DevOps Classroom Series – 12/May/2020

Jenkins Distributed Builds

  • Current Setup which we have looks as shown below Preview

  • On this machine we can build two jobs parallely as we have two build executors.

  • What has to be done if i have to build 100 projects/jobs?

    • Increase executors which requires lot of System Resources (CPU, RAM, Storage)
    • Jenkins supports Distributed architecture
  • Jenkins has two kinds of servers

    • Master:
      • Java is Installed
      • Jenkins is installed
      • Used for administration and job/project creation
    • Node:
      • Java is Installed
      • Agent is configured
        • SSH
        • JNLP
      • These are machines where the build happens
      • Each node has a label Preview
  • Architecture Preview Preview

  • Advantages:

    • To increase executors add nodes
    • Different kinds of projects can be built (Java, .net, unix)

Adding a jenkins node with SSH Connectivity

Configure with username and password using SSH

  • Create a vm with username and password configuration which can be pinged from jenkins master

  • Install JAVA, MAVEN and git

  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins => Manage Nodes and Clouds Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets navigate to home directory of jenkins server

  • Exercise: Examine Jenkins Workspaces on master and nodes for the jobs configured to be executed on Jenkins Nodes.

Jenkins Multi-Master Setup


Jenkins Backup

  • Jenkins Backup is all about taking the backup of JENKINS_HOME directory on Jenkins Master.
  • This can be done using conventional rsync approaches
  • Can be taken from Jenkins Plugins will be covered in next session

Jenkins Plugins

  • Jenkins Plugins are used to extend jenkins functionality mostly on the ui front, To experiment
  • Lets Install a simple Plugin called as Green Balls Plugin.
  • Navigate to Manage Jenkins => Manage Plugins Preview Preview Preview

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