Azure Classroom Series – 12/May/2020

Azure SQL BCDR and Backups

  • BCDR in Azure SQL

    • Geo-Replication
    • Failover Groups
  • Backups:

    • Automatically creates the database Backup.
    • Strategy => Read-Access Geo-redundant Storage Preview Preview
    • Backup Frequency
      • Full Backup => Weekly
      • Incremental/differential Db Backups => 12 hours
      • Transaction log Backups => 10 minutes
    • Due to above frequency, Azure SQL supports Point-in-time restore
    • Restore from Backups Preview Preview
    • Azure Database for MySQL and Postgres also have same backup frequency, automatic backups and recovery process as Azure SQL
    • Azure Backup Service can be used for Azure SQL VMs

Backups For Azure Cosmos DB

  • Azure Cosmos DB also automatically take backups
  • Azure automatically takes a backup every 4 hours & only 2 latest backups are stored.
  • Azure Cosmos DB stores these backups in Azure Blob storage
  • Azure Cosmos DB Backups can be restored from online backups

BCDR Startegy for Simple Architecture

  • For Azure VMs
    • Replication => Using a Site Recovery Vault in target Region
    • Backup => Using Azure Backup Service which inturn create a Site Recovery Vault in source Region
  • For Azure SQL
    • Replication => Use Geo-Replication/Failover Groups
    • Backups => Automatic
  • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Backups => Automatic

Azure Bastion: A service to enable communication

  • Azure Bastion is a Service offered by azure which eliminates the need for management subnet with one vm running to help connect to machines in private subnets

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • How Azure Bastion helps in connecting Azure VMs Preview
  • For Pricing Refer Her

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