Windows Classroom Series – 16/Oct/2020

Functions in Powershell

  • They help in increasing reusability.
  • Functions can be written and put in the modules path ‘$env:PSModulePath’
  • Naming:
    • Generally it is a good practice to name your functions using <ApprovedVerb>-<Prefix><Noun>
    • Examples:
      • Write ps functions for admin team to get the chrome process Get-AdmChromeProcess, Kill-AdmChromeProcess
    • Use Verbs from approved list Get-Verb
  • Writing a simple function to return the Version of Powershell
  • Function Syntax
function FunctionName {
    param (

How-To’s to be learnt

  • How to make function resuable from powershell terminal?
  • How to make use of parameters effectively?
    • Include types
    • Mandatory Parameters
    • Optional Parameters
  • How to document powershell functions?

Syntax for a Powershell function

  • The following is a syntax of powershell
function [<scope>]<name> [([type] $parameter1[, [type] $parameter2])]
    param([type]$parameter1[, [type] $parameter2] )
    dynamicparam { <statement list> }
    begin { <statement list> }
    process { <statement list> }
    end { <statement list> }
  • Begin Block: This block is executed before pipeline-processing starts.
  • Process Block: The contents of Process block run once for each value received in the pipeline. The $_ variable to access objects
  • End Block : This block will be executed after all the objects in the process block have been processed
  • Refer Here for the samples created in class.

Next Topic

  • Windows Active Directory.

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