Azure Classroom Series – 17/Oct/2020

Azure Functions (contd..)

  • What is Serverless? Preview
  • Azure Functions Support the following languages
    • C#
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • PowerShell
    • Python
    • TypeScript

Developer Setup (Python + VisualStudio Code)

  • Refer Here for the official instructions
  • Ensure Chocolatey is present on your system
  • Install nvm using the below command & Refer Here for nvm usage
choco install nvm -y

Terms in Azure Functions

  • Function:
    • This is primary building block which defines small piece of code to be executed
  • Trigger:
    • This is what causes the function to be executed
  • Binding:
    • Binding to a function is a declarative way of connecting other resources to azure
  • Durable:
    • Extension to Azure to write stateful functions.

Triggers and Bindings in Azure Functions

  • Refer Here for offcial docs in python
  • Triggers in Azure Function
    • HTTP Trigger
    • Queue Trigger
    • Timer Trigger
    • Event Grid
  • Bindings are defined declaratively in functions.json file
  • Refer Here for the samples created in class room

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