DevOps Classroom Series – 16/Dec – Installing Jenkins


  • Is an Open source CI/CD Engine
  • It is referred by many as scheduler on steriods
  • Jenkins was designed for CI/CD
  • Jenkins internally calls/executes commands.
  • Generally when you install jenkins, a new user (jenkins) gets created. Whatever you do in jenkins will be run as jenkins user
  • In Windows, Jenkins runs as installed user.
  • Jenkins is a Web Application Developed using Java.
  • Jenkins runs by default on port 8080

Important considerations for Working with Jenkins

  • Ensure user all the necessary permissions
  • Ensure all the Environmental Variables like PATH, PYTHON_HOME etc are defined correctly
  • Before using any software (git, maven, docker, ansible etc) ensure they are installed and configured correctly

Installing Jenkins

  • Install Java
  • Install Jenkins

Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu

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