AWS Classroom Series – 11/Oct/2019

Lab Setup

  • We need Windows Server 2016 with HyperV Enabled
  • We will create this server in Azure


  • Create an azure free tier account
  • This process of Creating Hyper-V Enabled Virtual machines inside azure is called as nested virtualization.
  • Reference
  • For creating Windows VM Refer Here
  • Create a Resource Group with name hyper in Location Central US
  • Create a Windows 2016 Data Center Image with size D4S_V3
  • Connect to Windows VM and install chocolatey
  • using chocolatey install Google Chrome and vagrant. Ensure you open PowerShell as administrator
choco install googlechrome -y
choco install vagrant -y
  • Now Follow the documentation to Create Nat-Network and DHCP Server
  • Once you have restarted the machine, execute the following commands
mkdir c:\centos
cd c:\centos
vagrant init centos/7
vagrant up
vagrant destroy
  • Delete the resource group once you have tested it all.

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