Azure Migration Classroom Series – 11/Oct/2019


  • Azure Migrate Service is collection of all the necessary tools at one place to migrate your servers & databases
  • It had different versions.
  • Azure Documentation Reference


  • Resource & Cost estimations can be done prior to migration.

Basic Requirements

  • Network:
    • Hosts should be connected to Internet
    • If Host is not connected to Internet, Express-Route enabled.
  • Supported List:
    • Move only supported list of OS’s & kernel versions
    • Speak with ISV(Third Parties)

Post Migration issues

  • Be careful with local DNS & DHCP configurations
  • Local hosts (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in windows, /etc/hosts) configurations cross check before & post migration

Basic Migration Workflow


Important Document Page

Scenarios we will try

Server Migrations

  • HyperV to Microsoft Azure (Can be done by all of us bcoz we have lab env)
  • VmWare to Microsoft Azure (No lab environment)
  • Physical Server/Cloud Server to Microsoft Azure (Can be done by all of us)

Database Migrations

  • Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL (Can be done by all of us)

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