AWS Classroom Series – 22/Jan/2021

Amazon RedShift

  • This a managed datawarehouse solution offered by AWS.

  • Datawarehouses are consumers of data. They are known for

    • Online analytical process (OLAP)
  • Data into datawarehouse can come from

    • OLTP
    • ERP
    • internally developed systems
    • third party data syndicators and more
  • Benifits of REDSHIFT

    • Fast
    • Cheap
    • Decent Compressions
    • Managed Service
    • Scalable
  • Architecture Preview

  • Creating a Redshift cluster Preview

Amazon Dynamo DB

  • This a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast & predictable performance.
  • NOSQL is a term used to describe high performance nonrelational databases.
  • Amazon Dynamo DB supports both document and key-value data structures
  • This is a fully managed cloud NoSQL database service. Here we simply create a database table, set your throughtput and let the service handle the rest
  • When creating table we specify how much request capacity is required for the application and if these change simple updata tables request capacity.
  • Common usecases of DynamoDB
    • Used in advertising for capturing browser cookie state
    • Used in mobile applications for storing application data and session state
    • Used in Gaming applications for storing user preferences and for storing players game state
    • Voting applications in reality TV Contents

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