DevOps Classroomnotes 07/Oct/2022

Azure DevOps Pipelines

  • YAML Schema Reference for Azure Pipelines Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the pipelines
  • Jenkins vs Azure Pipelines Refer Here
  • Azure Pipelines:

    • In Azure the pipeline as a code is written in YAML in file azure-pipelines.yml
    • In Azure DevOps we have two options for running the pipelines. Agent is node on which the pipeline is executed. There are two types of nodes
  • Refer Here for the tasks
  • Azure Pipeline structure

Lets Build Spring petclinic

  • Refer Here for the changes done to create azure pipeine
  • Run the pipeline after setting the number of parallel jobs
  • For scheduled jobs on a specific time (cron trigger ) Refer Here
  • Next Steps:

    • Configure a self hosted agent and build a project
    • Run a dotnet build

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