AWS Classroom Series – 20/May/2021

AWS Systems Manager contd..

  • Create IAM instance profile for Systems Manager
    • AWS Systems manager doesn’t have permissions to perform actions on our instances, we must grant access by using an AWS IAM instance profile
    • Instance Profile is a container that passes IAM role(s) to EC2 instance at launch
    • Policies required to attach to Instance profile
      • AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore
      • A custom policy for s3 bucket access
      • AmazonSSMDirectoryServiceAccess
      • CloudWatchAgentServerPolicy Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Attach IAM instance profile to EC2 instances Preview Preview
  • Repeat the above steps for all the instances
  • Now Navigate to Systems manager and configure the ec2 instances which needs to be managed by AWS Systems manager Preview Preview

Run Command

  • Lets Explore run command Preview

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