AWS Classroomnotes 16/May/2023


  • AWS has three interfaces to communicate
    • Web interface: AWS Console
    • Command Line Interface: AWS CLI
    • Code interface: SDK (boto3, java sdk, .net)
  • CLI Interfaces help us in automation
  • AWS Programmatic and console access
  • Create an IAM User with Access Keys
  • Installing AWS CLI Refer Here
  • Configuring access key and secret key aws configure
  • Note: Watch the classroom video for more info


Activity – 1: Set up AWS CLI and configure IAM User

  • Check if aws cli is working or not
aws s3 ls
  • Ensure visual studio code is installed
  • note: Refer Here for installing all necessary softwares
  • Installing and setting up AWS CLI Refer Here

Activity -2: Get RDS db instances and other info

  • Refer Here for aws rds cli
  • list or get => describe, list, get
  • Get all db instances in region ap-south-1
  • AWS CLI output formats Refer Here
  • Get all subnet groups
  • here we have a output in json format to understand it better
  • Exercise: (aws ec2 cli)
    • get all ec2 instances in us-west-2
    • get all security groups in us-west-2
    • get all key pairs in us-west-2
    • Remove all the un-necessary security groups, key pairs

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